Digitizing the English Classroom Experience : 2015

The 2015 Tower Foundation’s initiative of providing Google Chromebooks to all English classrooms in grades 7-12 finally came to fruition with the advent of this school year! Thanks to the efforts of Tower’s fundraising over the past year, three hundred sixty (360) Chromebooks are now in place and in use by Manhasset’s Middle and High School students. “Google Chromebooks are part of a larger initiative to give students more access to mobile computing technology,” explains Sean Adcroft, Director of Instructional Technology and Libraries for the Manhasset School District. Used by teachers in conjunction with the English curriculum, the Chromebooks enhance each student’s learning experience by allowing for basic web browsing and light computing designed to compliment the lessons and allow for an improved educational interaction between instructor and student.

Chosen in part for its long battery life, physical keyboard, ability to boot up quickly and clamshell design, the Chromebooks also permit instructors to utilize Google Classroom and Google Docs, programs which “allow a teacher to enroll students so only those kids have access to that information,” notes Adcroft. “It provides a ‘walled garden environment’ that enables the teachers and students to go back and forth electronically.” 

Complimenting the addition of the Chromebooks are carts, printers and some wireless access points, which were provided by the school district itself. “What I like most about this project is that fact that it was truly collaborative,” smiles Adcroft. In fact, the rollout has been so successful that the district is now looking into the possibility of expanding into Social Studies classrooms, as well.