Since its founding, The Tower Foundation has provided the schools with a broad range of educational gifts not covered by the annual school budget. Our fundraising efforts provide grants to the Manhasset Public Schools to enrich the educational experience of the students, particularly in the areas of arts and technology.

The Future Ready Classroom Initiative : 2019

This year, The Tower Foundation of Manhasset will be sponsoring additional Future Ready classrooms in the district. Traditional classrooms will be redesigned to include physical enhancements, such as LED lighting, flexible furniture (soft seating, movable and adjustable chairs and desks, writable desktops, collaborative spaces) and better technology which will allow for more individualized instruction, student responsibility, and academic engagement. Research shows that flexible and fluid spaces in the classroom have the potential of transforming learning and helping students succeed beyond the classroom walls. 

Zspace 3D Interactive Labs Initiative : 2017

This is the 26th Anniversary of the Tower Foundation in the Manhasset community. The Tower Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in 1991 by members of the Manhasset community in response to a simultaneous decline in state funding to the Manhasset Public Schools and an increase in its school age population. Our fundraising efforts provide grants to the Manhasset Public Schools to enrich the educational experience of the students. Given the tremendous success of our 2015 and 2016 initiatives of Digitizing the Classrooms by providing Chromebooks for our 7th through 12th grade English students and 6th grade students to utilize across the curriculum; we will continue down the technology path by providing zSpace labs for our Manhasset Secondary School, Munsey Park Elementary School and Shelter Rock Elementary School. zSpace is the ultimate learning experience. Our objective of these labs is to provide support for student achievement in mathematics and science by providing access to STEM content in an interactive 3D environment. It allows students to interact with objects and truly understand the science behind them, which are often too complex, expensive or dangerous to do in the classroom. For instance, in the interactive lab, a student can see and manipulate a beating heart in virtual reality.  Across a range of subjects, students will be able to learn abstract content in a concrete manner. Implementing 3D technology by our teachers in the Manhasset classrooms will support the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) standard stating “The teacher promotes student learning by using research-based instructional strategies relevant to the content to engage students in active learning to facilitate the students’ acquisition of key knowledge and skills.”

Sixth Grade Chromebook Initiative : 2016

Given the tremendous success of our 2015 initiative, Digitizing the English Classroom, which provided Chromebooks to our grade 7 through 12 English students, our 2016 Grade 6 Chromebook Initiative will provide each grade 6 classroom with a set of Chromebooks for students to utilize across the curriculum.  This initiative will further expand and broaden the horizons and opportunities for students to be exposed to and to produce the highest caliber of research based work possible, right at their fingertips.  As the teachers in Manhasset continue to create environments conducive to technologically based lessons and activities for all students, the use of the Chromebook in the grade 6 classrooms will serve to open up and to develop a world of life-long and practical academic, social, and career based skills and strengths: applied skills, cross-curricular skills, cross-disciplinary skills, interdisciplinary skills, transferable skills, transversal skills, noncognitive skills, and soft skills. Additionally, it will assist students in mastering the technological skills necessary for their transition into high school.

Digitizing the English Classroom Experience : 2015

The Annual Dinner Dance is a major fundraising opportunity for Tower, with funds raised for the evening benefiting our 2015 initiative, Digitizing the English Classroom Experience.

This impending initiative will provide students classroom access to individual mobile computing devices as a part of the English curriculum, providing our students with the resources required to thrive in modern curricula, such as the ability to draft and re-draft writing assignments using easily accessed technology, access on-line libraries and connect to endless databases and sources. Additionally, these devices will provide the flexibility and efficiency required to pave the way for the full implementation of a Journalism course in which students' work may be submitted for print in Secondary School publications, such as Indian Ink, as well as other noteworthy publications serving the broader Manhasset community.  Overall, students will be awarded with the technological tools necessary to master the required literary skills to thrive and compete in the twenty-first century.


Manhasset Elementary Schools:

  • Summer Center Scholarships for At-Risk Students

  • Mathletes Program for 3rd & 4th Grades

  • Starlab Planetarium

  • Laptop Computers


Manhasset Middle and High Schools:

  • Computer Announcement System

  • Weather Station

  • Grand Piano for High School Auditorium

  • Laptop Computer Loaner Program


District Wide:

Tower Wi-Fi Initiative

  • Take learning in the District to the next level by funding the infrastructure for "Wi-Fi" to students in grades 4-12 in the Elementary and Secondary Schools. The widespread availability of "Wi-Fi" access in Manhasset schools starting in the 2011-2012 academic year will enhance the educational experience of students throughout the District. It will also ensure that Manhasset schools incorporate the same state-of-the art teaching tools in the curriculum as other top-ranked districts on Long Island and in New York State. Children in Manhasset have always been a priority and the Tower Foundation believes that the Wi-Fi Initiative will continue this Manhasset tradition in the years to come. Brochure (click here)

In 2009–2010, The Tower Foundation funded the “Tower Team Building Initiative.” This initiative involved the building of various outdoor structures at every school and the incorporation of team building activities geared to develop and strengthen individual and group skills including communication, trust, cooperation, decision-making and problem solving.

"There are no classes in school that teach teamwork or cooperation. Outdoor Adventure gives us that opportunity for kids to work together towards a common goal. They will start to understand that their success is not just based on themselves, but that they have to rely on others to be successful. I believe our outdoor ropes course will be a great asset not only to our curriculum, but this community!” - Mark Giardino, Manhasset High School PE Teacher

List of Tower Foundation Gifts to the Manhasset Schools (Click Here): Gift List [Last Updated 2019]