The Tower Foundation of Manhasset, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1991 by members of the Manhasset community to enrich the educational experience of the students of the Manhasset schools.  The Tower Foundation was created in response to a simultaneous decline in state funding to the Manhasset school district and increase in its school age population.  Its goal is to raise funds from the private sector, including individuals, families and businesses, and distribute these funds as grants to the Manhasset Public Schools. 

Our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and contributors have funded vital projects within our school district, including our Interactive White Boards Initiative, High School Media Center Modernization, Wi-Fi Initiative, Digitizing the English Classroom Experience, Sixth Grade Chromebook Initiative, Foreign Language Learning Center, zSpace 3D Interactive Labs Initiative, and this year’s Future Ready Classrooms. 


Nothing attests to the strength and vitality of a community like its public school system.  In Manhasset, we're proud of the excellent education our schools provide, and we aim to keep it that way!  Whether or not you have children or grandchildren in school now, we invite you to join us in working to ensure that Manhasset's public schools remain top tier - for the sake of our students and of our community.