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Moulin Rouge

  • Plandome Country Club 145 Stonytown Road Plandome, NY, 11030 (map)

We are proud to announce that this year The Tower Foundation of Manhasset will be
celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the Manhasset community! The Tower Foundation is a
501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established in 1991 by members of the Manhasset
community in response to a simultaneous decline in state funding to the Manhasset Public
Schools and an increase in its school age population. Our fundraising efforts provide grants to  the Manhasset Public Schools to enrich the educational experience of the students.

Given the tremendous success of our 2015 initiative, Digitizing the English Classroom, which
provided Chromebooks to our grade 7 through 12 English students, our 2016 Grade 6
Chromebook Initiative will provide each grade 6 classroom with a set of Chromebooks for
students to utilize across the curriculum. This initiative will further expand and broaden the
horizons and opportunities for students to be exposed to and to produce the highest caliber of research based work possible, right at their fingertips. As the teachers in Manhasset continue to create environments conducive to technologically based lessons and activities for all students, the use of the Chromebook in the grade 6 classrooms will serve to open up and to develop a world of life-long and practical academic, social, and career based skills and strengths: applied skills, cross-curricular skills, cross-disciplinary skills, interdisciplinary skills, transferable skills, transversal skills, noncognitive skills, and soft skills. Additionally, it will assist students in mastering the technological skills necessary for their transition into high school.